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    Wendy showed me a house I was interested in. I found her very polite and obviously knew what she was doing. She was able to answer all the questions I asked her about the property and seems to have a lot of experience in real estate. Would 100% recommend. Maureen Campbell
    Dear Wendy, We are slowly getting settled in our new home and really enjoy St. Pete. I think the best part of moving back to Pinellas is being closer to our family. You have been wonderful with your real estate advice and expertise. I felt like we were helped by a friend. Cathy & Barry
    Wendy is a great real estate agent/broker. She was very efficient, prompt, knowledgeable and honest. She worked extremely hard to get my house sold; changing the price, more pictures, new advertising. My house did not sell, not because of my agent, because of the financial market. I do plan on placing my house back on the market in the future and Wendy is the only person I will call. Patsy Pledger
    Wendy is a great Broker who provides the friendship, education and support needed to succeed in this business without the micro-managing or big office hassles. Joanne Fisher
    Wendy O'Brien and I have worked together since I purchased Homes & Land of the Nature Coast. She is professional, knowledgeable and personable. Her work ethic and motivation have helped her succeed in these challenging times. I am glad to have had the opportunity to do business with Wendy. Jafar Rubaii
    Dear Wendy- We sure appreciate all you did to help make the sale of the property in Brooksville become a reality. It was quite the learning process. We were glad to have you as our coach & advisor. Barb Barb Sherman
    Wendy: It was such a very pleasant journey all the way. We could not have been more pleased with you, (personality the best). You cared and made us feel very comfortable, and then we completed our goal to buy the house we wanted. Rose & Paul DiNicola
    Our family was in need of a new home. We had been living in an RV for one year. The day we came up to the red and white sign with the name Wendy O'Brien, House for Sale, will never be forgotten. We loved our place at first glance. That evening we decided to make an offer only to find someone had already made one. For the next few days we truly needed you. The seller lived in another state and was extremely hard to get in touch with. Without your help and guidance we would not have been able to purchase our home. Our gratefulness to your patience, forth bearing, advise and commnication will always be remembered. Linda
    Dear Wendy, You were such a great help to us in the purchase of our new home. We appreciate all your hard work and long late hours. I'll never forget how kind and thoughtful you were with us. We will recommend you to anyone we know who is looking for a home in this area. One of the things that stood out so much with you was not only your honesty but your patience. Thank you so much for making us feel like we were worth your time. Thank you again for being a Realtor people can trust, it means a lot. Janalee & Ronnie
    Hi Wendy! It is with pleasure that David and I write a quick note letting you know what king od a job you performed as our real estate agent. We could tell from the moment we met that you were/are a very friendly, honest, and hard working person with much integrity. You made the purchase of our properties as easy and painless as possible. You are considered not only our agent but a good friend as well. We will not hesitate to use your services in any future real estate endeavors, and would gladly recommend you to others. Jan & David
    Dear Wendy, Was glad to get your little note about wanting a reference for the work you did selling my husband's property in Garden Grove and my mobile home in East Hernando County. Remember you also worked with my parents selling their home in Hernando County also. Since all of these transaction were to be long distance, involving disparate parties to the sales/purchase it presented itself as a daunting task. You made it easy. Even though I know you worked very hard to make it easy for us, the sellers, I am sure the buyers felt the same. You were always just as far as the phone, fax or computer. You utilized all the resources available, be it technology or human, to "make things happen". Yet you didn't lose signt of the different needs of all your various clients. From my husband's brother working the farm fields of Georgia to my retired parents in New York, you brought us all together smoothly and efficiently to understand the sometimes-complicated paperwork and negotiate sales/purchases that were satisfactory for all parties. You maintained your composure in frustrating situations and were caring and compassionate to my parents who sometimes didn't understand the technicality of the forms. If I ever move back to Hernando County, which I would love to do, or know of anyone with real estate needs, be assured that your name will be at the top of my list to call. Marshall & Alice
    Dear Wendy: I want to tell you that I feel you are the most thorough and dedicated Realtor I have ever worked with over the years. You never dropped the ball and were far ahead of the game most of the time - way ahead of me - doing business with you is indeed a pleasure that does not come along often in one's lifetime. Especially in Real Estate and the market as it is today. You are a natural - as going that extra mile is what builds a great client base for the future in your profession. I wish you all the best and look forward to a continued relationship in the Brooksville area as we are looking forward to movingt to the area sometime in the next year. William
    Dear Wendy - We wanted to let you know that we really appreciate all the work you did for the both of us, with 2 separate properties. I am so grateful for all those Sundays you took away from your family in order to help the two "out of towners" find something. You're the best Wendy! My mother is now living in the house and very happy. Thanks again Wendy, you were so easy to work with. :-) Joe & Shannon
    Dear Wendy, First I want to thank you for being to shelpful and so considerate in getting this deal to a successful conclusion. Fortunately, I think your skill and expertise and probably a great personality kept it from blowing up when he got his first survey. You should be commended on your fine efforts and ability. If the situation ever arises that we can work together again, I would be happy to work for you, just give me a call. A take off from Bob Hope, "thanks for the memories". Lewis Abraham